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At PARRIS, your satisfaction without service is our primary concern. From the moment you reach out to us, you become part of PARRIS. Our attorneys and staff will put you at ease immediately, and will treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve every step of the way.

Let us help you through this difficult time. Please take a few minutes to hear what some of our satisfied clients had to say about their experience of working with PARRIS to resolve their legal cases.

William D. – CHP Officer

“My legal team did a great job working with me. Between myself, the case managers, and the attorneys, we were compatible and in sync from day one. I really appreciated that they met with me one-on-one. They accommodated me by meeting half way since I didn’t live close to their office. Whenever issues arose, I called and my case managers were easy to reach. They always answered my questions. I am very pleased with the service I received at PARRIS. I would recommend them to my family and friends whenever they need professional representation. My friend had a different issue and I told him to call PARRIS.”

Robert L.J. – Retired L.A.P.D Officer

“As a police officer, I knew by reputation that PARRIS was very aggressive in fighting for its clients. I was very grateful when Mr. Parris was able to personally take the time to speak with me and agreed to take my case. I was very satisfied with Mr. Parris and the entire staff at PARRIS.”

Tom P.

“Having been previously employed as a claims adjuster, I found PARRIS to be tenacious and well-prepared in every case I worked with them. It became apparent to me that there was something different about their office. You could tell that they truly cared about their clients.

I had never envisioned myself being in a position where I would require the services of a personal injury attorney, but when the need arose, I knew at once who I would call. I can honestly say that the results obtained by PARRIS greatly exceeded my expectations.”

Lydia J.

“For a number of years, I worked for an insurance company as a claims adjuster where I handled numerous cases with PARRIS. Although we were adversaries, the relationship grew to be one of respect. Respect for how they handled their business.

Rex is extremely driven and passionate about the law. He is a true advocate for his clients. This is also true about each and every employee at the law firm.”

Kerryann & Michael

“Everyone was so great and professional! We are happy with the good legal representation and efficiency received from their office. Everything went smoothly.  They settled quickly and we got what we wanted.

Everyone was very friendly, including the girls at the front desk. I even stopped by the office a year later and the receptionist knew my name as soon as I walked in. I was very impressed to say the least.”

Kirsty E.

“Everyone that handled my case was up-front about how the process would work. They also explained that it would take a while, but in the end it would be worth it. There were several people working on my case, but I never felt like I had to start over once my case was transferred to a different person. Being a client at PARRIS was a very good experience for me.

This is the first time I had to go through anything like this. Before coming here, I was scared of the legal world. However, I never felt scared here. I didn’t feel like I was thrown at anyone. My attorney was right there by my side the entire time. The litigation assistant made the biggest impression on me. Whenever we were in a room together she made it feel like I was in the room with a friend.  My kids were always welcomed and the staff continually remembered their names.  Case updates were easy to understand and I was never afraid to ask questions.”

Michael & Linda

“I’m glad I chose PARRIS for my case. I came to them because I wanted my attorneys to be aggressive when negotiating my settlement, and I got exactly what I wanted. I really appreciated the fact that my case manager and field representative came to the hospital to visit me. The personal touch showed they cared about my well-being above all else.

I went through a lot as a result of the motorcycle accident. The injuries were extensive and I was unsure if I could care for my disabled wife. I wanted to prove it was the defendant’s fault. They never admitted it, instead I received a settlement in excess of $1M. Thank you PARRIS for all of your help.”