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We know you have a lot of questions. Here you will find answers to the most common questions we receive from our clients.

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What types of cases does your firm handle?

PARRIS handles all types of personal injury cases, including those involving motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, catastrophic personal injuries, and class action lawsuits. Our Lancaster personal injury attorneys have years of experience and can answer any specific questions you have about your particular case.

What is a "Contingency Fee"?

Personal injury cases at PARRIS are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that there are no up-front costs for clients. Our attorneys only get paid if they win your case, after which they become entitled to collect a predetermined percentage of the total settlement as payment. If your attorneys do not have success in winning your case, then you are not responsible for paying them any legal fees out of pocket.

Where is your office location?

Our office is located in Lancaster, California at 43364 10th Street West. Our personal injury attorneys handle cases throughout  California, including Victorville, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Apple Valley, and surrounding areas.

What is a "Statute of Limitations"?

The statute of limitations places a time limit on how long a person has to file a lawsuit, pursue a claim, or otherwise bring legal action due to wrongful conduct. Various civil actions will have different statutes of limitations. Even a single event can involve different time limitations to file a claim or lawsuit. Because of the different laws concerning statutes of limitations, you should contact our personal injury attorneys to discuss your case in more detail and find out whether you are entitledto collect compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

What is my claim worth?

The amount of monetary compensation that you are entitled to collect after being injured varies greatly between cases and is based on several factors, including among other things:

  • The age and health of the victim before the injury
  • The extent of the injuries
  • The amount of medical treatment needed
  • The ability of the victim to recover fully from the injury and return to a similar lifestyle
  • Whether the victim was required to miss work because of the injury
  • The presence of emotional and physical pain and suffering

Additional FAQS

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